The Francls take great pride in both their wine, and the artwork that represents their brand. Bacchus has been reflected in various artistic formats for several centuries including the painting by Leonardo da Vinci of John the Baptist, the marble sculpture by Michelangelo, the painting by Caravaggio held in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence, and the ballet by Albert Roussel. While creating the image for their brand the Francls recognized the importance of preserving the historical deity of Bacchus. They also wanted to have a unique artistic representation of Bacchus as a liberator whose wine, music and ecstatic dance freed his followers from self-conscious fear and care, and subverted the oppressive restraints of the powerful.


After considering several designers they met with David McMacken who spent many years designing record labels for CBS, Warner Bros., A&M Records, Columbia House and Capital Records and currently works as an independent artist in Portland, OR. They commissioned McMacken to complete a painting of Bacchus that would later become the basis for the uniquely artistic label. The final version of the 2009 label was printed on bright sliver metallic foiled 63# paper with a clear gloss lamination. The 2010 vintage reflects a shift to a more traditional, elegant presentation on textured eggshell stock with an embossed image of Bacchus and debossed text. We are sure you will agree it is a label more appropriately enjoyed under warm candlelight than the harshness of artificial lighting.

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